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Assalamualaikum and Hello everyone ! Did you see my entry tittle ? Okay let me explain about it to make it clear, actually I've check my blog and when I look at my "Hitstat" maybe and I see that I got a visitor from another country so I feel when they are here they won't understand every entry that I post because I didn't put any  translate method here ! So I think maybe start from now I need to write in English to make sure they will totally understand with what I post and what I do in my blog , right ?

But I'm not good enough in English, I just learn the basic one although I ever get a higher mark in every English Communication class and I also didn't like to using a Google translate because the words will be something that hard to understand sometimes ! Hehe ! Actually my target viewer is blogger from Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei , Indonesia and Thailand because it will give easier for me to communicate with them but now I must get a highest target for those who wanna visit my website from now ! And after this maybe I can try to post any entry that also can be share to another people from other country and share any opinion with them ! Hehe ! Ok that's all for today, sorry because my English is not good enough ! Ouh My English ! Night~~~~~~ ~.^

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